The Homes of the Future competition is a fun and hands-on activity inviting pupils who will be in years 5 and 6 in the 2019-20 academic year to consider what future homes should look and feel like. This competition is open to pupils from all primary schools in the Liverpool City Region.

The competition for schools is being run as part of a Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCR CA) initiative to promote, improve and raise the quality of Design in the Built Environment. We want to highlight and encourage awareness amongst children and young people of the issues associated with good design processes and how these are connected with thinking about the environment, sustainability, low carbon and inclusivity.

“The workshop was a great success and a brilliant way for children to work creatively and collaboratively considering important issues including sustainability. There was plenty of new learning that was challenging and I’m sure will be carried with the children into later life.”

Louise Davidson, Year 6 teacher at Mosspits Lane Primary School

Pupils will be encouraged to think about important issues in their environment, how they like their spaces to feel, different types of materials, what activities they think are important and more. They will then transform these ideas into a choice of visual work, 3D models, or both, to communicate their home designs and vision.

All the judge’s selections will be exhibited in central Liverpool in 2020. There will be overall individual, group and some special prizes for submissions.

To find out more about the competition details and prizes, click on ‘Competition Information’.

Can’t play this video? This is available for download at ‘Activity Guidance‘ or to watch on Vimeo here.

All of the information and resources to complete this activity, minus craft materials, can be found at the bottom of each the ‘Activities’ pages on this website.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

This website and resources have been developed by PLACED on behalf of the Liverpool City Region. PLACED are a Liverpool based social enterprise that deliver education and engagement about the built environment.

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