Section 6: Presenting Ideas


The pupils will present their ideas to one another. The session will include advice on how to present ideas and guidelines on points to reflect on.

Time required

We recommend 10 mins to prepare plus five minutes per group to present and ask questions.

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Mosspits Lane Primary School


Download and print the ‘Explaining my House of the Future’ resource, and distribute among the teams or individuals.

This sheet covers 8 questions and prompts that will guide their presentation and explain their reasoning behind their design choices.

The students should fill out their sheet, and decide who is going to take which section of the presentation. Space is limited on the sheet, so it may be more appropriate to use this resource as a reference and another sheet of paper to explain their answers.

Presenting and Feedback

Once their sheets have been completed, it’s time to present! Below is some guidance that should help with the flow and pace of presentations. Reiterate that there are no right or wrong answers in this project. All creative ideas are encouraged, and the range of ideas that will be on display demonstrate that there is never only one way of doing things

  • Presentations should be kept brief at a maximum of 5 minutes to ensure everyone has enough time to present and receive feedback
  • The groups should stand at the front of the room, or, if the model is too fragile, try and position themselves so that the rest of class can see
  • Encourage everyone in the group to speak. They are free to read from their document explaining their choices and can add any information that may be missing from their presentation guidance document
  • Encourage teams to work together to highlight their verbal presentations through their visual sheets and models

After each presentation, encourage conversation and feedback amongst the rest of the class. What is their favourite thing about the design? What do they think is the most interesting part? Which part of it would they like to have in their own home?

Time to submit

After their presentations the House of the Future project is complete. Congratulations!

Head over the the ‘Competition Information‘ page for information on how to submit your designs.


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