Activity Guidance

Using this website

On the activities page of this website, you will find 6 sections that will guide you through the entire process to prepare your students to make their final competition submissions. Each section will provide:

  • An overview of what the activities in each section will cover
  • Information and context for the activities
  • A step-by-step guide to completing the activities

We have also provided the resources to complete the activities. These are kept at the bottom of each section under ‘Resources’ and are available for you to download and use. These will include resources such as:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Teacher workshop notes
  • A4 and A3 worksheets in black and white and colour
  • Visual resources for group activities

There are notes on each page of the PowerPoints to guide you. We have also made a text version of the 6 sections below to act as a guide.

We have identified external links and resources that may be useful to provide your students with additional research and ways to approach the project. You can find these in the form of images, videos and links that are embedded through each section, or found at the bottom of each page under ‘External Resources’.

“It was amazing. 10 out of 10

Pupil at Mosspits Primary School

Introduction Video

If you are having problems streaming the introductory video on the homepage, you can watch on Vimeo here or it is available for download below. You may need to right click and then download the file:

Our Approach

This website should contain all the information and resources you need for your pupils to create their House of the Future designs. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the activities and resources ahead of delivery.

This resources are by no means prescriptive. If you need to take more or less time on activities, have some activities as homework, or have more group discussions or debates instead of worksheets, then please do. We encourage you to adapt these sessions to meet your needs and those of your students.

Pilot Studies

We would like to thank Mosspits Lane Primary School and Lister Junior School for helping us pilot these activities with their classrooms ahead of the official launch date, and for helping us document these activities for use on the website and social media.

Materials for the activities

All resource sheets are ready to download and print. Below is a list of basic materials you could use to make their 3D model and / or A3 design sheet in Section 5:

  • A4 / A3 paper
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Crayons and felt tips

The following materials would also be useful whilst making your model in section 5:

  • Cereal boxes, shoe boxes, card, packaging
  • Scissors and rulers
  • Glue or pritt stick, masking tape, sellotape
  • Art straws, pipe cleaners, toilet roll tubes
  • Tin foil, wrapping paper, colourful paper, scrap paper, newspaper
  • Natural materials such as leaves, grass, sticks, stones

With the programme including a consideration of how design can reduce our impact on the environment, you may wish to encourage pupils to bring waste materials from home to support this activity.

For information of how to submit pupil’s designs please see ‘Competition Information

Go to Section 1.

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